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Quick install


The GT-Scan web application implements both a front-end and back-end service to provide an interactive, user-friendly experience. The back-end allows GT-Scan job creation through Apache Tomcat and Opal 2. Opal provides SOAP services, which allow API calls from the external services such as the front-end. The front-end extends on the back-end by providing features such as form validation, job history, a detailed status page as well as a consistent user experience. These instructions are generic for Linux, however they should only require minor modifications for Windows or any other system capable of running Java and Python.

Prerequisite software

The command-line and web-server installation both require:

The web-server back-end requires the following, in addition to the above:

The prerequisite sofware for the or Apache frontend are:

Further prerequisites of the Apache frontend are:


Back-end server

Follow this section and one of the front-end sections to set-up the GT-Scan web-service. This assumes you have a working installation of the GT-Scan command-line tool and have met the above prerequisites.

By default, Opal will 'fork' new jobs. If many jobs are running simultaneously, system performance will suffer greatly. For a production-quality server, it is essential that jobs be queued to avoid overloading system resources. Opal can handle this by using PBS, which supports queuing jobs on multiprocessor systems (computer servers and clusters). See the 'Advanced' section for instructions on setting up Opal with PBS.

Front-end server (

Follow the instructions in this section to use's internal web server to host the front-end. This is a simple procedure since all Python extensions are included with the GT-Scan source and minimal configuration of the server is required.

Front-end server (Apache)

Follow the instructions in this section to use Apache to host the front-end through WSGI. This is not only more flexible than using the built in server, but can also be more stable for a greater number of users. It is, however, much more complicated to set-up.

Configuring Opal to use PBS (FIXME)

Under construction.

Additional information

Under construction.

Modifying GT-scan (authorized developers only)

The current version of GT-Scan is available from the GT-Scan downloads website. Authorized GT-Scan developers can check-out and update the source from the SVN repository using

svn co

This download includes all of the required files for the back-end and both front-end setups.