Tuscan identifies CRISPR-Cas9 targets in a given region and ranks them by their predicted cutting efficiency. Unlike GT-Scan2, Tuscan's efficiency prediction is purely sequence-based. This leads to it being applicable to species where chromatin information is not available.

Submission form

To submit a query via the website, a location and sequence is required. However, the sequence can be fetched automatically from Ensembl.

To do this, specify the species, chromosome and a start/end location. Then click the "Fetch Sequence" button.

If you wish to use your own sequence, just paste it in. In this case, the end location is optional.

The Genomic sequence should be an unspliced region of DNA, containing only [A T C G N].


The results page displays the predicted activity for each identified candidate target.
The table will refresh automatically (every five seconds), although most searches will complete in seconds.
You can view the following example output here.

Results target table
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